Sunday, August 14, 2011

Surprise Going Away Party!

Well, today was a surprise!
My mother and best friend threw me a going away party! They sent me off to the mall to get my sister some food and when I came back, the house was covered in decorations and all of my closest friends/family members were there. I got some money from my aunt and uncle (always needed when trying to blend into a new culture) and a brand-spanking-new camera, which I really needed. Two days ago I didnt even have a working camera on my phone, let alone something nice. (Also just got a new phone, so yay, music/camera/internet!)
The party itself was pretty fun, it was mostly just us watching movies or eating. Here are some pics from it:
1. Conner and some of the decor
2. Marissa and I making duck faces with Francis in the background being silly

3.More of the decor, me, Marissa, Francis and Amber

4. Conner, Nolan and Frank

Then after I got to go see my friend Peter, so all in all, it was a pretty excellent day. It feels strange to be leaving it all behind in just 8 short days. I havnt gotten my visa yet, I dont know if thats bad. I got an e-mail saying it should have been here on the 12th but that was an estimate on the first day of shipping so it surely could have been incorrect. Oh well, we'll see. For now, its bedtime. Goodnight world.

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