Thursday, August 25, 2011

In cholet!

I am currently in my bedroom in Cholet. Everything is so beautiful!
My trip was a little over 30 hours in total and I was soo ridiculously glad to be here so I could sleep.
It was a 2.5 hour plane ride, 2.5 hour layover, 8 hour plane ride, 6 hours in a hotel lobby and then 6-7 on a bus to everyones respective cities. My host family is absolutely lovely, but I'm entirely lost without Orane here to help me translate.
I love the whole condition of this place. My bedroom is cozy and the only one upstairs, after a small set of hardwood spiraling stairs. It looks like an attic with new floors and purple walls! <3 (see pictures at the bottom)
The kitchen smells of baked parmesan and fresh bread.
I found out I will have three host families. My second, with Nina, will be in the next town over so I will have to ride a bus to school. I can walk from here, as I defiantly prefer that to taking a bus. I know almost nothing about my school aside from how beautiful it is. Its old and on a hill, and looks like one of the many old cathedrals. Its apparently quite old and looks small.
Here are the pictures ive gathered so far:

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