Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pancakes and Nothing

Havnt been doing that much lately, I suppose. Mostly just school. Butchyeah, I did make pancakes for my family today! they didnt have syrup so I tried to make it and ended up with ridiculously delicious, teeth-ruining gooey caramel. (:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Day World!

Well, I only have two things to talk about today. Yesterday and NaNoWriMo.
Let's see. Right now for NaNo I'm at 9,517 words and I need 13333 for tonight, I'm a little behind. I can get caught up though! If I can't, I finish school at 10:50 tomorrow and I dont have school thursday or friday. yay:D

Yesterday I went to hang out with Marley after school and I waited for two hours because I didnt have my phone paid for yet and I didnt know what time she finished school. Once I could finally get ahold of her she had gone home and forgotten about the plans so I went home. Once I was on my street I saw my mom walking and she said she was going to run some errands so I decided to go with her to pay for my phone (which didnt even work anyway.) So long story kinda short, I got home at 6:45, ate something, then I checked facebook and realized I was being picked up at 7:30 for a Rotary meeting with the governor. Awesome. So I got stuck doing that right when I got home and didnt get home until 12:30 when I still had 2000 words to do, so I slept and got left behind in my writing. Right as we were leaving I got hit on by this really old guy, Jimena and I were trying really hard to be respectful and just let him talk but it was sooo hilarious xD

well yeah, thats it in the life of alyssa. :D