Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Posting-every-day mode ACTIVATE!

So, today is my last day in Cholet. Tomorrow I'll leave around 11 AM to go spend the day in Paris with Max and my honey.

It's hard to leave like this. There are so many goodbyes I didnt get to say. I just hope everything works out so I can come back. Today I'll be spending my day the best way possible; now i'll be productive and get my packing done hopefully. Then I'll get to spend a couple hours with my Ben before going to a dinner with all of my families(: Well, half of my families. Karim's family wasnt invited for practical reasons and the Gazeaus were busy. So, it will be me, the Barbillers, the Reveillers, Meryl, her mom and Ben.

Sounds like a perfect end to a lovely year(:

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