Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last party with my friends from school):

Last night was so sad, Thomas and I found ourselves crying at times D': It was my best friends (thomas) birthday party, I had to say my official goodbyes to everyone from school. At least the hard part is over, but its soo sad, we've already started making plans for me to come back (:

Now for getting to Paris, I've officially hit panic mode. I cant stay at Redhas house because we're too many people. Its me, Ben and Max and I would be the only one that could stay. Id say that Ben and Max could take me up there and I'd stay by myself but theres no one who can drive me to the airport in the morning. Ugh. So either I need to find a place to stay by myself where I can get someone to drive me WITHOUT TAKING A TAXI or I have to find a place for all three of us to stay.. -.-"

This is hard.

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