Monday, June 25, 2012

The issue with blogging

is that I swap between it and my diary. I can't do both. Its one or the other and then one gets left out. Oh, the problems of a blogger. Life is hard.

So, I am panicking. It still hasnt quite hit that I'm leaving and thats sorta a good thing, but getting home is seriously stressing me out here. Now ill be going to thomas's house to say our last teary eyed goodbyes, and then tomorrow will be my last full day with Ben before the day that I'm leaving. Seriously though, the organization for Paris sucks. I was literally arguing with my host parents, crying, for three hours crying because
a) They dont know how to listen to my real parents.
b) They dont know how to see reason.
c) They dont get that im a big girl, and that i've travelled more than they have.
d) They apparently dont trust my boyfriend. Ugh. I dont get why either, cause they said they loved him.

At least we have a plan that makes me happy now, though I'll have to pay for two seperate hotel rooms in Paris. Meh.

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