Sunday, October 30, 2011

Were just past the two month point!

I've officially been here for two months and six days.
The past two weekends have been pretty great, the first we went to La Rochelle to see the aquarium and that was the first time Ive eaten in a restaurant here. Then the weekend after we went to Clisson to see the castle and walk down this trail by the river. Its been pretty snazzy, I'm feeling well adjusted and getting used to the language. I wish there was more to do though; I've been sitting in the house on my computer ALL weekend and it actually hasnt been by choice, theres just NOTHING to do. The only time I went anywhere was friday night, I was going to stay at Jimena's. I got there and we decided to go to the store for some food. Right after leaving we realized she forgot her key and no one was home so we got some food, waited outside the house for like an hour to see if her brother came home, and just went back to my house and watched the Human Centipede.
Now I'm blogging with some kind of lethal coughing disease that people have told me could be as bad as pneumonia. C'est la vie! >.<
I'm gonna try to figure out some sort of photo album deal on here so I can put up all the pictures from the aquarium.
Lastly, ill be putting up a word counter for NaNoWriMo so you can keep up with me but I cant until after it starts. I suggest mom volunteer to buy me if I can finish my book and for my blazer;D

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